Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lil' Peepee's Week in Ambivalence! Yes!

The best things always happen when you aren't worrying like a sucker about what's going to happen.

At any rate, I ran this week. I don't know how far at all, nor do I how quickly any of that distance was covered. For all I know, I walked it. For all I know, I did every mile seated. In a chair. Who knows? Who cares? They were great feet. Maybe the two best I ever ran.

Gabbo and I have (I'm pretty sure), patched things up. Hallelujah. With a capital "H." Which stands for "How." As in, "How did I take a decade's worth of accrued luck and compact into the shape of a young woman?"

No one knows.

Today I did NOT run. Not even a step. Fuck that nasty business. It's horrible. I went to church instead. I went to Sunday School. Praise be.

I went to volunteer for a few hours with the owner of Detroit's first-ever hostel. It turned out, upon meeting her, that she's actually a roommate of an old friend of mine. I remember two years ago, she was this fairly bonkers redhead who was talking at literally 1,000 mph about anything and everything...and was also really geeked on the idea of a hostel in Detroit.

Thank you, "ruinporn!" At last, there is a serious market for a hostel in Detroit.

Anyway, she's now a fully bonkers redhead who is also the proud director (perhaps a more accurate term given the status of the building) of the Hostel Detroit and she needed some beds.

So, short on wood but long on love for abandoned buildings: she asked to meet up and steal the wood from an old church. Genius!

To be fair, it has been closed for...30 years or so. The chapel's masonry is crumbling. Everything is destroyed. Anything that hadn't rusted out back in the 80's has been ripped away and sold.

Think of all the heroin that bought! Yeah, Catholicism!

Anyway, we got the wood. Next weekend: how to make bunk beds for your kids out of "repurposed" church wood. This blog is officially OFF of running and is now a full-time carpentry how-to website!

Next week, "How to Please the Lord and Please the Misses with Nothing but a Hammer, a Saw and Some Immaculately Conceived Cupboard Plans!"

workouts: mon- 8 miles, snow slog. 60:00 cardio at gym. weights.
tues- 7 miles. tempo at 6:45/mile
wed- gym wackiness 90 min workout
thus- more gym. 120 min workout
fri - snow shoe 60 min
saturday - 10 miler at about 11pm.
sun- no workout. heavy lifting in detroit? i'm not counting that, but it was tiring. i don't hang as well as i used to on the manual labor front. it's a completely different sort of endurance and strength.
total: 25 miles. but a lot of workout time. i'm floundering around just trying to keep engaged, interested and "on task" regarding fitness.


This weekend was the DN World's held in...uhhhggg...Green Bay.

Meanwhile back on Lake Erie, my iceboating has really taken a turn for the...well, it's taken a turn.

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