Monday, August 24, 2015

The Relativity of Time, Explained.

Well, holy guacamole, True Believer. What a year it's been.

I know I've been away, but what is that old scientific law about absence, hearts, and fondness?

H = F^a

Something like that.

Accounting for standard deviation and the pull of Mars in double sunset retrograde...well, I think you ought to be slicked head-to-toe in desirous salivations whilst awaiting my return.

Or perhaps, you literally have not thought of me for one second during my sabbatical. I wouldn't blame you one bit, Trustin Belieber. You do you. You. Do. You.

It's interesting how inconsistent my perception of time's passage tends to be. I have experienced periods in my life where several years go by almost totally unnoticed, nothing too bad, nothing too good, and then this past year has felt like a lifetime of events and changes. Most of them great, too, which is preferable.

So, very quick rehash.

April 2014 - Moved back from Chile to U.S. Return to being a bicycle mechanic.

October 2014 - Move to Brooklyn. Begin bartending in Manhattan. Drink. Make money. Eat out. Run. Repeat.

View from my apartment.

...If you believed that, I have a signed copy of Usain Bolt's drug test that proves he's clean to sell well as a box full of results from IRS church audits. I need to stop reading the news so much.

Sweet set of pins.

May 2015 - Run relay race in Cape Cod. Meet girlfriend of dreams.

She's faster than I ever was.

August 2015 - Move to Bisbee, AZ with girlfriend. Been here about a week, now.

So, that's it. That's where I am now. 32 years old. Back in school to be a nurse. Living in a small town in the mountains of Arizona. Exploring the trails and peaks around here. Pretty broke. Pretty happy.

I am definitely skipping over some tricky parts of this little narrative. I am still a recovering drug addict and fairly lazy drifter-type and self-absorbed narcissist at heart. But I'm working on these things. I went back into therapy for the first time in years while living in NY, which changed my life. It was super unpleasant and extremely difficult, but...well, I'm sure there's a bumper sticker out there that can summarize challenges/rewards much more eloquently than I can. Oh, yes, here it is:

So, that's it, for now, T.B. I missed you. I hope to see you around the bend. Vagina aflame.