Friday, April 18, 2014

Desafío Cumbres tomorrow! Max King interview! good grief so many races...

Tomorrow is a high altitude madness race in Chile (one of two, actually. goddamn. check out that old Andes Infernal!).

Here we have an interview with Max King, courtesy of and Awesomeness.Life.

My good friend Max Keith is conducting. It's Maximum Max, with Max on Max Axion! What else could you ax for? Axhole...

This interview has all of the highlights! Barroom background noise! Questionable conversion of meters and feet! Max King's so-so pronunciation of Spanish words! Max Keith's clearly nervous questions (Max se maneja mejor en inglés jaja) that are still awesome and end up creating a really entertaining interview!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jungle Ultra 2014

I'm just jogging around the farm roads of Michigan right now. Life is fine (if a little cold and snowy...WTF April?). I've got a few races I'd like to do around here, but I don't have a bank account yet so I haven't registered for them. I'm working at my favorite bicycle shop in the world once life is genuinely very cushy and lovely right now.

Here's another quick interview with a good friend and great runner, Daniel Rowland. Click the comments to see my amazing translating skills at work!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Patagonia 100K Tomorrow!

Not me, but some friends from Chile are gunning for (at least) a top 10! I added a translation to the comments section. Gotta practice my Español, after all... The Patagonia 100K is finally a legit mountain race in Central and South America that is ALSO a qualifier for Western States. I can't include the outlying Brazil 135 miler. Imagine if the only UTMB qualifier in the U.S. were Badwater? It wouldn't make any sense. There are so many insanely hard races south of the U.S. that get exactly 0 recognition.

I'm really happy for my friends down in South American that via this new qualifying race they finally are being recognized as the premier mountain runners that they are. I think it's great that the WS100 board finally did something about this oversight. I know they're busy, but I think they have been too "national" in their long-range planning. Don't worry USA friends, there are plenty of 100 milers for you to walk around! Let's be global and give everyone a chance to see our amazing country!

I'll be walking around as many 100 milers as I can in the next year or so, USA friends. I hope to see you all there! You can tell me I'm a dickhead to my face!