Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jungle Ultra 2014

I'm just jogging around the farm roads of Michigan right now. Life is fine (if a little cold and snowy...WTF April?). I've got a few races I'd like to do around here, but I don't have a bank account yet so I haven't registered for them. I'm working at my favorite bicycle shop in the world once life is genuinely very cushy and lovely right now.

Here's another quick interview with a good friend and great runner, Daniel Rowland. Click the comments to see my amazing translating skills at work!


Daniel Rowland said...

Thunder thanks for sharing this my man! When I saw your post I thought you may have been tempted to return to South America for another epic race... another time.

I'm glad to hear you're back at the bike shop and working on some two-wheeled machines. Have you had a chance to wire up a Di2 bike yet??

All the best buddy. Keep on keeping on.

P. said... snowed 3 inches on yes, currently i'm thinking hard about my decision to leave south america, hahaha

at best I'm qualified to change the battery on a Di2 rig. we have one the showroom floor that i may take out for a joyride one of these days...

Jesse said...

Welcome back, man! Weather done lost its damn mind around this mitten-y land mass. Come jog the Yankee Springs Trail Race Festival extravabonanza thing in June.