Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two times to the Antennae.

Good run today. I ran to the cell towers, then back down, then back up again. It hurt, but more important was the mental unpleasantness (read: pleasantness) of finally getting back to the bottom, out of breath and sore...and then turning around to do it all over again.

10 miles, roundtrip. Half-marathon on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Piedras Locas" - Week Ending 9/25/11

First Chilean summit, "Piedras Blancas" in Vilches. Not very high, but we didn't have a lot of time. I'll be back next weekend as the local half-marathon ends in the town nearby. That should be a really great day: race a half-marathon, straight to 4,000ft vertical of hiking.

Good mileage/hours this week, especially given the no-alcohol policy which left me feeling uninspired and groggy (uh oh!). Don't worry, though. I still drank on Friday and Saturday.

Debating whether to bother continuing the no alcohol thing. I'd rather just try to reduce the volume than eliminate. I mean, I'm a drinker. No two ways about it. For me: I'm either in or out...and right now, I still want in.

63 miles w/ 4.5 hours of hiking on Sunday. No animal products, either. My poop looks awesome. Reading WAY too much about different philosophies/science surrounding diet. Maybe next week I'll try the lean meat/fruits&veggies approach and see how that feels. Or maybe I'll just opt for the increasingly popular Drunk Diet. Only time will tell.

The North Face Ultramaratón de Los Andes is in two weeks. Very excited. It looks like Ian Sharman is thinking about coming down to win it (maybe while wearing a "huaso" costume?).

Absolutely phenomenal weekend of racing. I almost felt like a sports fan, what with all the reading and watching of the running and whatnot and the so-forth.

Give'em hell,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've gone three days without alcohol. In addition, I've also put myself on a vegan diet. Not because I care about killing animals. I don't. Kill'em all. Fuck animals.

No, I did it because I've been absolutely horrible to my body for a long time and I guess I think that maybe possibly this diet is going to help heal it up a little bit or something.

I've done my research and was prepared to feel a little off for a while, so I'm not super shocked by how challenging running has been the last two days. Still, though, I've enjoyed the trips up the cerro, even if they aren't quite as fast and I spend more of my time hiking. I found one route up that is like a ladder made of tree roots.

I'll be interested to see if this lethargy goes away in a few more days. Supposedly, it will. If not...well, there's always beer and pizza.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Hypnotizing Chickens" week ender 9/18/11

Them's bug-killin' teeth fer shur.

On top of the cerro (where Talca's virgin statue stands). Part of the Dieciocho celebrations (like 4th of july but 4 days long). Kite flying is the big drunken BBQ activity. You can see'em up derr.

The second steep climb of my favorite run. that last little section is strictly a walk. it's steep enough that, upon descent, i can drag my hand on the ground behind me.

The running week was rudely interrupted by a two-day bicycle trip. about 3.5 hours of riding each day. 40 miles running.

I've been purposefully brain washing myself with documentaries about the Western Diet and all the horrors of health that it accompanies. As such, I finally felt something click in my brain over the weekend and I've begun a campaign to detoxify my body. Nothing extreme, but for the next week or so I'm going stop drinking 6+ beers every night/1.5 bottles of wine/half-bottle of whisky. Crazy...I know. But yeah I'm a bit of a health nut.

I laughed so hard after typing that last part I almost spilled my cocaine.

Thank you to all who continue to keep a steady training blog. It really beats the hell out of reading comments about DNFing/money in races/etc.

Everyone should run more and type on the internet less. Uh, duh.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"What's Louie my killer?" - weeks ending 9/11

Oh thank god. It must be all these fucking trips up hills to see statues of the virgin mary because running is finally getting awesome again (it's like tagging 14'ers in the rockies or something, but with less mourning mothers. I assume.).

I've finally hit a solid week of training for the first time in a month. It was really getting me down, frankly. What I've learned is this: I DON'T regret the extremely reduced mileage and intensity that I put forth over the past 5 weeks. What I DO regret is my attitude regarding that lower-output. I let it become something negative, but I needed that rest. My body needed it. However, I didn't permit my mind to rest, also. I could have seriously enjoyed the extra time I had, but instead I felt guilty and lazy and shitty. ...For no reason now that I can possibly fathom.
IN SHORT: lesson learned. Don't be an asshole.

As if I'll ever learn that particular lesson...

I found some actual trails through the woods near where I live. It's been so nice being able to get out of the city and feel isolated in the forest...especially when the views of the Andes are incredible and there are horses roaming around in herds. The last 800m of the climb is un-runnable. Just hiking. So, that's cool and very different for me.


I entered the Talca Army's 10K race yesterday and placed 3rd overall, in 36:33. I was surprised that A) I ran it much faster than I would have guessed given my training and B) that a very so-so time was enough for 3rd place. Endurance sports are a fairly new past time in Chile, I'm told. There was one older guy who ran it in about 31:00. We're gonna meet up for a run on Monday.

Things I like about racing in Chile (thus far):

-No crowds watching, so no cowbells. In fact, no one has any idea what the fuck you're doing. Which, at first, flipped me out, but really brings your race into focus. You're there to beat people, not to show off your orange shorts. Queen.

-The Chilean warm up consists of either dancing to reggaeton or jogging socially in a tight circle. It's even better than it sounds.

-The prizes for the young kids and the masters runners were boxes of meat. Straight up.

-Chilean-style racing consists of running with serious Heart. 100m pace right off the gun.

-After announcing our names as we stood on the podium, the Chilean Army marching band launched into the national anthem. Dudes with giant machine guns stood guard. Awesome.

Three weeks until the half-marathon, supposedly. The weekend after is a 4K (yeah). Then, the weekend after that is The North Face Ultramaraton de Los Andes 80K.

I hope everyone is well! I still obsessively read every single one of everyone's posts and reports. It may be a bad habit, but it's better than doing drugs and/or talking about TV shows.

45 miles, the week before last. 64 miles this week.

Friday, September 2, 2011

belated update. bear-baited upbeat.

"Everyone's allowed a past they don't care to mention." - Bill Callahan.

have i been neglecting my late night drunken reflection posts? what the hell? what sort of runner AM I??!!!

i'm no kind of runner. i'm just kind of a runner. rind of a summer. blind to a bummer.

i am growing increasingly strong. i am also growing an increasingly strong stink of booze surrounding my person.

it's no big deal. but it may be, hard to admit, a pig seal. so that would be then. flopping around.

chile is still really nice. lovely place. it is exactly like slamming on the brakes of your life.

but you have to wonder: was i destined to smash on the throttle? or was i unknowingly hurtling towards a cliff?

which really matters in this particular brain-buster. which really does.

you witch!

5 weeks till TNFUMLA 2011