Friday, September 2, 2011

belated update. bear-baited upbeat.

"Everyone's allowed a past they don't care to mention." - Bill Callahan.

have i been neglecting my late night drunken reflection posts? what the hell? what sort of runner AM I??!!!

i'm no kind of runner. i'm just kind of a runner. rind of a summer. blind to a bummer.

i am growing increasingly strong. i am also growing an increasingly strong stink of booze surrounding my person.

it's no big deal. but it may be, hard to admit, a pig seal. so that would be then. flopping around.

chile is still really nice. lovely place. it is exactly like slamming on the brakes of your life.

but you have to wonder: was i destined to smash on the throttle? or was i unknowingly hurtling towards a cliff?

which really matters in this particular brain-buster. which really does.

you witch!

5 weeks till TNFUMLA 2011


Eric Rivera said...

best post in months and months!

P. said...

i love you.

JessiePants said...

love the flow, p.