Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Hypnotizing Chickens" week ender 9/18/11

Them's bug-killin' teeth fer shur.

On top of the cerro (where Talca's virgin statue stands). Part of the Dieciocho celebrations (like 4th of july but 4 days long). Kite flying is the big drunken BBQ activity. You can see'em up derr.

The second steep climb of my favorite run. that last little section is strictly a walk. it's steep enough that, upon descent, i can drag my hand on the ground behind me.

The running week was rudely interrupted by a two-day bicycle trip. about 3.5 hours of riding each day. 40 miles running.

I've been purposefully brain washing myself with documentaries about the Western Diet and all the horrors of health that it accompanies. As such, I finally felt something click in my brain over the weekend and I've begun a campaign to detoxify my body. Nothing extreme, but for the next week or so I'm going stop drinking 6+ beers every night/1.5 bottles of wine/half-bottle of whisky. Crazy...I know. But yeah I'm a bit of a health nut.

I laughed so hard after typing that last part I almost spilled my cocaine.

Thank you to all who continue to keep a steady training blog. It really beats the hell out of reading comments about DNFing/money in races/etc.

Everyone should run more and type on the internet less. Uh, duh.


GZ said...

Health nut. Nice.

I have a tough time imagining being gluten intolerant and hence not ever being able to do beer.

P. said...

If beer is proof that God loves us, then the existence of Celiac disease is proof that God hates some of us.

*High-fives all beer drinkers.

Lucho said...

If you quit drinking then you are a DNF which makes you a weak American pussy. Not sure if there's prize money in drinking that much every night... but if there is then I'm quitting my day job.

JessiePants said...

Virgins, running and kite flying...rad.
Take it easy with the crash dieting now mister. Beer is the life blood. Moving from 6 to 5, much more rational.

P. said...

Lucho: DNF...You're right. I need to start drinking in white spandex...again.

To be fair, I've NEVER DNF'd a drink that I started.

Jessie: Haha, I'm not a candidate for moderation. Either full-bore bender or on the wagon!