Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two times to the Antennae.

Good run today. I ran to the cell towers, then back down, then back up again. It hurt, but more important was the mental unpleasantness (read: pleasantness) of finally getting back to the bottom, out of breath and sore...and then turning around to do it all over again.

10 miles, roundtrip. Half-marathon on Sunday.


Jennifer Brubaker said...

OoOoOoh. THAT song. I forgot about it. Is that what gets you up and down hills?

Dave said...

WooHOOOO! Half-Marathon! You're gonna kill it! Then ferment its blood in a toilet! Then wait six months! Then drink the toilet blood-wine, thus consuming both alcohol AND animal products. Kill two birds with one stone! Then fry and eat them!

Hope things are awesome Pat :)

P. said...

Dave, things are going great. I'm sorry for your 3 week+ stint in rehab. I'm sure your friends and family meant well by the intervention, but they don't realize that once you've dipped your little toe into the deep dark waters of the Running, you done dipped your whole leg in.*

*Not Leggin™ ...but, yes, a preposition-ended sentence. This is more an artistic statement on my part than an error (I swear). This be-asterisked (not to mention be-hyphened) monstrosity of a side-note makes me want to burp puke slightly less than your comment! KUDOS!

What I wonder, Jen, is what song will get me up and down you?