Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finally a new shoe sponsor

After 31 years of being overlooked by shoe companies, one finally pulled its shoe-making head out of its shoe-making ass. I'm happy to announce my 2014-15 racing will be completely funded by Cole Haan.

Just gotta work off this udder-like beer gut and I'll be all set to rip. Milk me, True Believer, and I'll milk you right back.

Cow Patty.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Uncultured Shock

"You can't change the night into day,
And you can't take the milk,
from the milky way.
You can't take the sun from the sky,
And you can't put the light,
in Ray Charles eyes."

But you can have a great day today, True Believer. And I'll see you back here in just a sec.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Desafío Cumbres tomorrow! Max King interview! good grief so many races...

Tomorrow is a high altitude madness race in Chile (one of two, actually. goddamn. check out that old Andes Infernal!).

Here we have an interview with Max King, courtesy of and Awesomeness.Life.

My good friend Max Keith is conducting. It's Maximum Max, with Max on Max Axion! What else could you ax for? Axhole...

This interview has all of the highlights! Barroom background noise! Questionable conversion of meters and feet! Max King's so-so pronunciation of Spanish words! Max Keith's clearly nervous questions (Max se maneja mejor en inglés jaja) that are still awesome and end up creating a really entertaining interview!