Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Old Sports Mags from Chile

If you ever visit Santiago, be sure to visit El Persa. It's about 10 square blocks of pure random garage sale goodness. I went a few weeks ago and found some old Chilean national sports magazines from the 50's. I really liked'em for whatever reason. I only included the pics of running or cycling because I like those sports but I don't give a fat fuck about futbol. 

Cycling comp, April '55


Suffering. Mucho.

Not running/endurance sports related, but awesome nonetheless.

New record for "400m run by man with the smallest head in the world." That guy set a lot of records.

Ladies running the annual "Chase your husband out of the whorehouse" Fun Run.

All aboard, sailor.

This velodrome still exists in the city just north of me. Nothing says "commitment" like high-speed cycling over pavement. This photo was taken before telephoto lenses arrived in Chile, apparently.

And who was on the cover?? Hahaha, your horse looks like a drag queen, fool. Fuck dictatorships.

You take care out there, True Believer!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Touching a Nun's Tit.

Hello!!! True Believer! You're back! 

This first video is me, excitedly peering up the rocky gown of La Teta de la Monja ("the Nun's Breast"). I peeked so hard I could hardly pull on my jogging skort! Yes, True Believer, I went back to the mountains this weekend to "train" myself raw! I guess the hairy palms will forgo the need to bring gloves with me! Hahaha, I'll never break the "habit!" HAHAHA! NUN JOKES! FUCK THE (AFTER)WORLD!

In this picture from 3 weeks ago, you can see La Teta on the far right side of the ridge. On a real note, this day was intended for exploring that ridge line as part my plan for the summer. I want to connect Parque Inglés, Altos de Lircay and Tricahue (the 3 national parks in my region) with one mega long run. So, I'm trying to piece together the info on the different legs of the journey. Little did I know that this particular "leg" would lead me to a warm, soft, slightly "day" of "training" that was wholly enjoyable!

 Or should I say "holy enjoyable?!?!?!" AHAHHAHA!! THERE I GO AGAIN WITH THE NUN JOKES! SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!

I seriously have no idea what I'm doing with " " anymore. None. I've lost my mind. 

Yeah, but it was a great two days of mountain running. 

Before I go, I just want to wish all of you the very best in life. You deserve it, True Believer. You do.

Woof. I've really had quite a few cocktails this evening. "How many?" you might be asking. 


Insanely yours,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pix with diction!

That which feels to the body as though it bringeth death, oft bringeth life to the soul. ...the converse is also true, unfortunately. Whoa! Chew on that one!

Found this at the summit of my local hill. All important life moments should be revealed on a mountain top. I think it'd make everything more...kept in perspective. Small things, like, did you get accepted into your university? Well, you'll obviously need to take the unopened letter to a mountain before opening and reading the answer. Marriage proposals? Hired? Fired? Judge's verdict on DUI? Either way, you're on top of damn mountain.

Hieroglyph of our tribe.

Mountain guide. He says "you're pretty fast on foot!" thanks, real mountain man! you've just up'd my stoke to 10!

self-timer photo = real reminder that you are ultimately alone in the world. until you upload the photo to your blog...

snowmward bound. i wish i was...   oh, i had too much hillbilly cider. ohhh...

you can see people in this picture if you zoooooom in.

 horrible beast. first one i've seen in town and not up in the mountains. God has forsaken your kind! Be gone! Fucking monster!

Here's the explanation for my photo captions: horn-fulls of chicha booze.

Make every day a tiny miracle in a bird's nest cradled in the highest branch of the most golden tree,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Race Relations.

sometimes i listen to old country music and i think "hey, wow, they used to drink wine. not just whiskey!" and then i'll be like "hey, wow, and tequila." and then like "hey wow beer, too!" and then i realize "oh yeah...they were all drunks." and then i realize "hey wow, i'm drunk!" and then i realize that i've been horseback for about 2 days without rest and it's the year 1880.

ran in a local 5k yesterday. 18:38 on a funky course (meaning it had 1k of uphill). i dunno. i was disappointed not by the time, but that 3rd place was never more than 5 seconds ahead of me and i couldn't pass him. it was all mental, bro. i just wasn't feelin' the flow and i couldn't stay calm and bear down.

what? me worry (about a fanny pack)?

hey! there's one of my students getting 2nd in her age group. atta girl, Evelyn! la rompiste!

"she's my cherry pie! put a smile on yer face! 10 miles wide!" ...nah, just kidding. it was military jams.

power to the peep hole,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best Mountain "Running" Song You've Never Heard

I don't know what to say, but... this song sums up literally everything. Everything.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Running with Other People

This week I indulged in the novelty of novelties: Running with other people.

It was quite a thrill and something I had almost wholly forgotten about over the past 5 months...

On Thursday, the university where I work held a 4K cross country race around the campus. In traditional Chilean racing-style, the lead pack went out at a suicidal pace and completely blew apart in about 400 meters. It was twice as funny as it sounds. About 1K in, I passed the remainder of the guys still hanging on and eventually won overall. I have no idea what time might have been because (in true Chilean race fashion), there was no count down or "gun" to signal the start of the race...we just sort of milled around until people got antsy and started running. There was no timing. I didn't have a watch. It was just...whoever crossed the finish line first won. I was only minimally slowed by the stray dogs constantly underfoot.

On Friday, I went to Santiago to meet up with Daniel and the awesomely supportive Vanessa early on Saturday morning for the K42 race in Cajón del Maipo. The race featured about 6,000ft+ in a 13 mile up-and-down course. I wrote a long race report but instead I'll break down into bulleted points.

-I slept for two hours the night before.
-I vomited white foam after just 10k. I had not eaten any white foam that morning. Huh.
-Daniel gave me some rice cakes with Marmite on them.
-I drank some Gatorade.
-I held a tiny Chilean flag.
-I fell during the descent twice.
-I saw a tiny pure-bred Cocker Spaniel puppy in the mountains twice.
-I learned that I really like Marmite and I spent $14 on an imported jar of that hideous tar.

4th place overall, 5:20:00. Yeesh. 1st place came in around 4:15:00 and was immediately whisked off to a clinic in an ambulance. So...I think he really wanted it quite a bit more than I did. It was a tough day for everyone, although Daniel finished just a couple spots back of me looking very relaxed and fresh. The 80K in October ought to suit him pretty well.

 Laguna de Aculeo, Cajón de Maipo

 The little bump up there was roughly the half-way point.

Daniel approaching the 21k turnaround.

Sunday morning brunch. Marmite was involved.

I hope that everyone in the world is doing as well as they possibly can be doing given their situation in life!

Proceed with your hell-giving! Those unforgivable cretins surely deserve it!