Monday, September 10, 2012

Race Relations.

sometimes i listen to old country music and i think "hey, wow, they used to drink wine. not just whiskey!" and then i'll be like "hey, wow, and tequila." and then like "hey wow beer, too!" and then i realize "oh yeah...they were all drunks." and then i realize "hey wow, i'm drunk!" and then i realize that i've been horseback for about 2 days without rest and it's the year 1880.

ran in a local 5k yesterday. 18:38 on a funky course (meaning it had 1k of uphill). i dunno. i was disappointed not by the time, but that 3rd place was never more than 5 seconds ahead of me and i couldn't pass him. it was all mental, bro. i just wasn't feelin' the flow and i couldn't stay calm and bear down.

what? me worry (about a fanny pack)?

hey! there's one of my students getting 2nd in her age group. atta girl, Evelyn! la rompiste!

"she's my cherry pie! put a smile on yer face! 10 miles wide!" ...nah, just kidding. it was military jams.

power to the peep hole,

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