Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Old Sports Mags from Chile

If you ever visit Santiago, be sure to visit El Persa. It's about 10 square blocks of pure random garage sale goodness. I went a few weeks ago and found some old Chilean national sports magazines from the 50's. I really liked'em for whatever reason. I only included the pics of running or cycling because I like those sports but I don't give a fat fuck about futbol. 

Cycling comp, April '55


Suffering. Mucho.

Not running/endurance sports related, but awesome nonetheless.

New record for "400m run by man with the smallest head in the world." That guy set a lot of records.

Ladies running the annual "Chase your husband out of the whorehouse" Fun Run.

All aboard, sailor.

This velodrome still exists in the city just north of me. Nothing says "commitment" like high-speed cycling over pavement. This photo was taken before telephoto lenses arrived in Chile, apparently.

And who was on the cover?? Hahaha, your horse looks like a drag queen, fool. Fuck dictatorships.

You take care out there, True Believer!

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GZ said...

Classic stuff there ... I need to get a shot of me in a military outfit with a dolled up burro.