Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pix with diction!

That which feels to the body as though it bringeth death, oft bringeth life to the soul. ...the converse is also true, unfortunately. Whoa! Chew on that one!

Found this at the summit of my local hill. All important life moments should be revealed on a mountain top. I think it'd make everything more...kept in perspective. Small things, like, did you get accepted into your university? Well, you'll obviously need to take the unopened letter to a mountain before opening and reading the answer. Marriage proposals? Hired? Fired? Judge's verdict on DUI? Either way, you're on top of damn mountain.

Hieroglyph of our tribe.

Mountain guide. He says "you're pretty fast on foot!" thanks, real mountain man! you've just up'd my stoke to 10!

self-timer photo = real reminder that you are ultimately alone in the world. until you upload the photo to your blog...

snowmward bound. i wish i was...   oh, i had too much hillbilly cider. ohhh...

you can see people in this picture if you zoooooom in.

 horrible beast. first one i've seen in town and not up in the mountains. God has forsaken your kind! Be gone! Fucking monster!

Here's the explanation for my photo captions: horn-fulls of chicha booze.

Make every day a tiny miracle in a bird's nest cradled in the highest branch of the most golden tree,


Lucho said...

Fantastic post. Seriously. This was like a Buddhist text.
Cheers brother.

P. said...

haha, thanks, man! i do what i can. knocked out a few 400's at the track today. 53' ?? jesus christ. i got me a ways to go.

hope the downtime is treating you right!

P. said...

i think i meant 53" ...haha, although that should be a clue as to my current 400m fitness level. i'm running the mile right now in the 4 hour range.