Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best Mountain "Running" Song You've Never Heard

I don't know what to say, but... this song sums up literally everything. Everything.


RUNssel said...

Isn't the original by Will?

Jesse said...

Speaking of mountain running: I have something unrelated to tell you.

You were missed at Run Woodstock this weekend. I drank a 30pack of a hipstery brew of cheap beer, passed out, and ran the half marathon in your honors. Salud!

P. said...

ah, man! you're killing me! i thought about everyone up there over the weekend. i loved running that event and i tell everyone i meet who's a runner about it. we're lucky it's still fairly underground. i wonder what they'll do the first year 5,000 people try to sign up and travel from around the country for it? what if they don't care if they're registered for it or not?

i'll be there next year. come hell or high water!

enjoy the fall weather!

you can tell how much i like Run Woodstock by the fact that my response is both long and free of dirty jokes and/or the word "fuck"