Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"En toma" Week Ending 8/21

40 miles on the dot this week. not great, but running is certainly different when you have hills to climb. because i live in the downtown of a city now, i also don't have to drive anywhere and i love it. so, despite not running as much as i'd like, my legs and feet have needed some time to adjust to walking for 3-4 hours every day.

of note: i ran 11:54 for 2 miles. downhill, of course...but definitely a different feeling going that fast for a little while. not usual for me, at all.

the bottom photo was taken from my apartment on the 18th floor (in a country where tremors are a weekly occurrence, another story). currently, the student population of chile is still on strike, protesting the high cost and low-quality of it's university education system relative to the rest of south america. as i'm sure i've mentioned before: this makes my position as an english professor sort of unstable right now and i may not have an income for another few weeks. which sucks. but it's also been nice for getting around the city, sleeping and drinking a lot of cheap, amazing chilean wine.

some big racing went down in both the midwest and the west-west... eagerly awaiting the race reports.

hope all is well out there in real-lives of the blog-world.

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