Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Orbiting the planet. Way out" Week Ending Whenever.

Ok, fine. Things have been admittedly especially unfocused lately. Here's a breakdown of my life for the past few weeks, leading right up to when I move south in a week:

8:30am-12:00pm - teach.
12-6 or 7pm- bike shop.
7-10pm - bartend.

10pm-??? - beer.

It's been very unpleasant. I have a newfound appreciation for just how little sleep a body needs to continue moving through the motions of life. As exhaustion sets in, my life soundtrack has become a weird, buzzing hum that sits just below consciousness, occasionally setting my teeth into a fit of grinding. Great times. I did this on purpose because I know I'll need the money in Chile, but I'm beginning to wonder if the extra money is worth arriving in a new country/new job looking like a drowning victim.

Smelling only marginally better.

46 miles on the week. All quality workouts, except for the weekend when I jogged through a field of poison ivy and stinging nettles with an old friend and then followed that up with a sand dunes run with a dude who grew up down the street from me and i hadn't seen in a decade. we were both weaving-drunk when we set out on the run and we ended it sober. so that must have been a good one?

i truly hope everyone is feeling good. the summer has flown by. holy shit.

I am very pleased to discover that Dave has recovered well and is back to destroying worlds and I am very unsurprised to discover that Lucho is fucking tough.

Kill on.

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JessiePants said...

Well I'm late, as usual, but holy crap no one can say you don't know how to work!?!
The runs sans nettles and poison ivy sound ...excellent.
Take care of you!