Monday, August 24, 2015

The Relativity of Time, Explained.

Well, holy guacamole, True Believer. What a year it's been.

I know I've been away, but what is that old scientific law about absence, hearts, and fondness?

H = F^a

Something like that.

Accounting for standard deviation and the pull of Mars in double sunset retrograde...well, I think you ought to be slicked head-to-toe in desirous salivations whilst awaiting my return.

Or perhaps, you literally have not thought of me for one second during my sabbatical. I wouldn't blame you one bit, Trustin Belieber. You do you. You. Do. You.

It's interesting how inconsistent my perception of time's passage tends to be. I have experienced periods in my life where several years go by almost totally unnoticed, nothing too bad, nothing too good, and then this past year has felt like a lifetime of events and changes. Most of them great, too, which is preferable.

So, very quick rehash.

April 2014 - Moved back from Chile to U.S. Return to being a bicycle mechanic.

October 2014 - Move to Brooklyn. Begin bartending in Manhattan. Drink. Make money. Eat out. Run. Repeat.

View from my apartment.

...If you believed that, I have a signed copy of Usain Bolt's drug test that proves he's clean to sell well as a box full of results from IRS church audits. I need to stop reading the news so much.

Sweet set of pins.

May 2015 - Run relay race in Cape Cod. Meet girlfriend of dreams.

She's faster than I ever was.

August 2015 - Move to Bisbee, AZ with girlfriend. Been here about a week, now.

So, that's it. That's where I am now. 32 years old. Back in school to be a nurse. Living in a small town in the mountains of Arizona. Exploring the trails and peaks around here. Pretty broke. Pretty happy.

I am definitely skipping over some tricky parts of this little narrative. I am still a recovering drug addict and fairly lazy drifter-type and self-absorbed narcissist at heart. But I'm working on these things. I went back into therapy for the first time in years while living in NY, which changed my life. It was super unpleasant and extremely difficult, but...well, I'm sure there's a bumper sticker out there that can summarize challenges/rewards much more eloquently than I can. Oh, yes, here it is:

So, that's it, for now, T.B. I missed you. I hope to see you around the bend. Vagina aflame.



GZ said...

Welcome back T.B.

P. said...

Feels so good.

josh z. said...

appreciate the rehash. I've long awaited your way with words. glad the universe treats you decently. AZ?! Alright!