Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold Blooded Old Times

That's the whole equation! So simple it's genius! You get the hose clamp, undo it. Lay it flat. Grind down the OC (after you dissolve off the coating in your mouth for second). Finally, you have ONE awesomely giant line (not several lines like the picture).

THEN, you take either a rolled up bill like you're PeeWee Herman or you get real and use about half a chopped down piece of a pen's cylindrical casing. LASTLY, oh at long last, you snort that beast of a line and every single problem you have ever had will disappear. You will be like the Buddha but with a swagger like James Dean. Plus, if you run, you can run forever and it feels like floating. I mean, 20 miles. Floating. It's nice.

Anyway, I'm jonesing super hard and it's the weekend and I don't know. These things happen.


Lucho said...

Fuck that dude... I love to HURT on my long runs. Go out and run as hard as you can for 20 miles until you collapse... that's gettin high on what you have in you, not what you put in you. Stay the path man.

P. said...


P. said...

and thanks.