Friday, January 7, 2011

Old Music

my creative output for 2010 was nearly zilch. which is insane. i've been writing and recording songs since i was 13.

my friend and frequent collaborator Eric, created a Bandcamp page for a batch of songs we recorded during a bender over labor day weekend of 2009.

hopefully this will inspire me to finish a few works in progress and get back on my shit regarding music. i was at least proficient at about 10 different instruments, the other day i could barely play guitar anymore. i remember standing in my dorm room, during the summer with the window open and playing along with jimmy smith's root down album and seriously killing it. i had been playing guitar for less than a year. i started playing classical guitar about a year later. 6 hours/day of practice one summer while working 50 hours a week doing construction. you can imagine the comments at work about my fingernails.

there's a lesson here to be learned, but my useless tarpit of a brain can't internalize and make use of it.

while i'm at it. this is the link to the last batch of songs i recorded in early 2009.

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