Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bel Monte 50

I registered for the Bel Monte 50 mile race in Charlottesville, VA towards the end of march. i had this vague plan for the winter/spring to just stay steady regarding running and slowly build up as the weather improved...which is still probably going to be how things go BUT...

i kinda knew sooner or later i'd need to go ahead and commit to another ultra. it's cheap(ish), has 11K of vertical and gabbo and i can stay with her sister and her boyfriend for the weekend (cutting cost is requisite).

does anyone have 11,000 spare feet of "Up" or "Down" that i can borrow for a few weeks of practice?

ADDED: i also registered for the Pinckney, MI Road Ends Trail Marathon. I had really wanted to run this last year, as it covers the best trails within two hours of my house and in a mere 26ish miles. the spring schedule is coming together, apparently. i may try for a fast road marathon in april, but i don't know why yet.

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