Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dave's Running Store 10 Miler Race

what's that, like 6:40/mile? something around there.

it was a good race. cold today, but cloudless. some wind, but it seemed to hurt other people worse than it did me, so that was a plus in the competition column. i dunno. i mean, i'm not that fast, so what the fuck, right?

it was a smart race, though. i think. i knew i could run it in under 70 minutes and that if i watched my HR for the first 5 miles, i'd be ok with second 5. i never went above 172 the whole time and on long flat stretches (essentially the entire race, as this is the midwest), i could "relax" my HR back down to the mid 160's without slacking on my pace. we passed over the highway 4 or 5 times and each time i was pleased to use the modest ascent/descent to pass people handily. my time in the gym is paying off on the uphills and my time doing 20 downhill repeats at wildwood park are paying off on the downhills.

being that this is january in the midwest and the race was a 10-miler and not the much beloved half-marathon, i had a feeling it would be a straight up kind of race...and it was. all the fast guys in the region were there, with the exception of the african guys who work at the store during the school year. they were probably off racing somewhere for cash. i would be.

but yeah, it was fun. this was the first "real" race i've run since last july's 5k. the 5o-miler i just wanted to finish and everything else i've run has been with someone who i'm "keeping company" and just having a nice time.

this was also the first race i've done in a while completely sober. which is nice, too. in a norman rockwell kind of way, i think. all smiles and pies over here, boys.

bottom line: i got single-chicked. i passed #2 with about 400m to go.

double bottom line: i accurately assessed my fitness before the race and things played out as expected. that, to me, is the biggest accomplishment.

58 miles on the week. creeping. creeping. back up.

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