Friday, January 21, 2011

Ice ice, maybe. No, certainly. Certainly, ice.

Once a winter, when the conditions are right, I go for a run on the lake. As the high temp of the past month has been about 20F and currently it's sunny and about 7F, the ice is thick. I included that shot of a fissure to show how thick it is: that's car-driving thick, boys! plus, that's about 800m out from shore. I ran to the next neighborhood down the beach, then out in front of the channel that heads into the marina. It isn't especially fun running, but it's novel enough to do once a winter. I mean, it's even flatter than normal midwest running. Sometimes it's cool when you're way out (like a mile from shore) and you're running along and you hear "thwack!...thwack!" and then this "sproing!" kind of noise followed by lazer beam sounds that start under your feet and then race away from you off towards the horizon...that's the ice cracking underneath you. You made a seam in the ice that is now, potentially, miles in length. It's almost as neat as the dynamite bangs that the ice makes when the wind shifts and the weather warms up.

Anyway, you can see how Antarctic it gets around here in the winter. Very cold. Very windy. Very cabin-feverish at times. Many of the homes you see in the photo behind me are empty right now, their owners are down south.

Yeah, my winter running eye wear is fucking fabulous.

When my electronic music jones is hittin', stuff like this totally flies. Plus, it really does compliment the stark, bleak beauty of the ice on a sunny day. Or an asshole as he quits typing.

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