Monday, January 24, 2011

Lil' Peepee's Week in Running.

i ran 53 miles this week. strictly for purposes of staying true to the original intent of the re-start of this blog, i am posting this. there were a couple very very fast 12 mile runs this week. there was the now anticipated frozen shuffle on monday with trainee Jill, who is progressing steadily. there was plenty of strength training. there was a brutal massage session with a german giantess who worked me over like a loaf of bread dough. there was also some pretty bad shit that went down, too.

here's a clip of my strength-training/cool-down/warm-up routine. this is a guaranteed olympic time trials top-10 finisher. my coach told me so. His Name is Hay-soos. He lives in the sky or something. It's all about altitude. or attitude. i couldn't understand exactly what he was saying he was so high. up. in the air.


GZ said...

I should have known better to think this was an actual workout routine.

P. said...

please tell me you got as far as the interview section about the compact before it dawned on you.

GZ said...

Hey - I am just a mirror back at ya.