Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ice boat.

the only thing that makes the winter around here tolerable (aside from alcohol) is ice boating. if you aren't familiar with apparent wind, you can certainly google it and have a nice read on wikipedia. i'm so lazy i'm not even going to include a link, but suffice to say: you can go really really fast on an ice boat. like 100+ mph no problem. yesterday was a decent evening for it. hopefully this video loads well. nice shot of my crotch. give you something to think about when you're lonely.

gabbo is riding on the runner and i'm at the helm/trim.

this video is also of key importance because it's likely the last time gabbo and i will do much of anything together, as i've really fucked up and she is going to certainly end things between us. why do i destroy good things in my life? it often feels like all i do with any capability.

i'm really a bad person. i mean, that's the category i fit in best. no bullshit.

you can catch the neighbor also out on his DN yesterday at the end of this clip. i wish i could have gotten some clips of me flying a...hull? runner? you can ride it for like a mile if the wind holds. it feels amazing. the whole thing with ice boating is the sheer stupid danger of it. so good. the fucking thing is like a balsa wood car, vibrating like hell, threatening to shred apart with every tack. it's the greatest.


Lucho said...

bad ass

P. said...

we're getting more snow today, so the ice boating window of opportunity is rapidly closing. maybe this weekend i can shoot something better.