Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Total Domination. sort of.

it's been years since i homebrewed (although that may change with an uncle's purchase of a force-carbonating system for keg-brewing)...and as such, it has been quite a while since i perused the archives over at BA. i just noticed the amazing collection of NW IN and S. MI breweries on their "Top Beers" list. having lived along that latitude for way too long, i have spent many many nights drinking brews from founders (best michigan brewery), bell's (personal favorite, i think) and Three Floyd's (really stellar permanent line-up and some legendary seasonals).

anyway, take a look at the list. yeah there's california on there...and belgium. but the area of the midwest that houses those indiana and michigan brews is maybe like a 4 hour drive from end to end and all generally part of the same beer culture.

if you like american wine, go to napa valley i guess? but if you want american beer, you need to be further east. MI, IN, OH, PA the Four Horsemen of the Hoppocalypse.


GZ said...

Sigh. Or San Diego.

P. said...

ok, i'll bite. i can't recall having a true "san diego" brew ever before.

seeing as today is a snow day, i'm going to do my research into san diegan beer and see what i can sample out here in MI.

what are your personal recommendations? where should i start?

GZ said...

stone, green flash. Both solid breweries.

P. said...

ah! stone brewery! (smacks forehead)

yes, i've had many a stone brew. they're double bastard ale had been becoming my go-to winter warm up until my girlfriend pointed out that, post-consumption, the title became telling.

so...maybe back to the 1-bastard, then.

i'll check out green flash, but as i've definitely never heard of it, i have doubts that their distribution reaches past the rockies. vamos a ver.