Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week ending 2/27/11

monday: 7 miles in the ice storm. cool. strength training class, 1 hour.

tuesday: 4 miles inclined on mill. 20:00 bike. cable machine strength training. 6 miles in the afternoon, 4 with trainee Jill.

wed: 12 miles

thursday: 4 mile cruise.

friday: 7 miles at university of toledo track. 2 mile w/u, 6X800, 1/3 mile RBI.

saturday: 7 around tuna beach.

sunday: 16 miles. wildwood park with gabbo for a couple. then went exploring ottawa hills neighbor hood for some good climbing. found a lot of short, very steep hills. then went to college campus for more hills, stairs and then a long paved straightaway back to gabbo's.

TOTAL: 63 miles.

Thank god. finally a decent week of training. I've been really busy, too, which makes it feel even better. The bike shop job is going to be awesome, I think. I put together bikes, sell stuff and most important: talk about training with guys who work there. Rob is 42, life-long cyclist and still rides for a few companies, trains very hard year round and has a pretty solid race schedule set up for the year. Good inspiration and good focus for my own running.

It's one thing to read a bunch of blogs, but it's another to talk face-to-face with a guy who is killing it. Definitely feel a renewed sense of purpose and dedication. Which is a funny thing to discover you need. but not "haha" funny.

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