Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day part Deux

Yeah, big wind! Still though, some good XC skiing. I also ran a brisk 14 miler. You can't go slow when the winds are still steady around 30mph and the temp is around 15F.

bummer to see a good hobie all fucked up...i don't care as much for the lazer(?) i think beneath it. anyway, like i said: big wind.

i really hope i'm not jinxing myself with this late night drunken post BUT: i think i may have finally dealt with whatever shit was dragging me down. i feel good lately. i've had some good runs the last few days, in addition to just being very active outdoors. i wouldn't say all of my energy has returned...but I can feel the welcome pressure of the upcoming 50 miler and i want to do well. i know i can do well.

i watched "Man on Wire" several times over the past two weeks. I hate watching movies. I can bear watching documentaries...and this one is just overwhelming. Coming from someone who has spent the majority of his life experiencing and enjoying art as much as i possibly can: I recommend that doc highly. "Man on Wire" has literally brought tears to my eyes each time I've watched it. Afterwards, I also feel a renewed sense of purpose, drive, unwavering self-confidence and yes, love.

Take some time out from your too-busy lives and give it a watch. You won't feel it was time wasted.

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