Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Yob

Well, in addition to filling kids' heads with as much subversive nonsense as I possibly can in a few short hours each day, I now will also be getting paid to talk about bicycles. Something I know relatively little about, other than how to ride on one for a super long time.

The pic is great, if a little out-dated. No one drinks sparks anymore, as far as I can tell. Nor are Kanye glasses even ironically-uncool cool anymore. Or were they regular-cool cool? I can't remember the final word on that, other than I always thought they looked like shit. It would have been cooler to go out to the bar in a blindfold. That would be funny.

However, I still associate bike shop guys with fixie hipsters like our friend up there...but with more tattoos, ideally on their knuckles and neck. Which is funny, I guess, because the guys that I DO work with are just really good, fairly clean-cut cycling dudes. And also a little...weird. But not any weirder than your average cyclist (they're all bananas). ha.

We had a massive ice-storm last sunday night. Which has made running either insanely slippery or insanely dangerous, as we still have giant tree limbs falling from the sky. It's like treepocalypse around here, as they are all literally encased in an inch of ice...which is also starting to fall out of the sky and hurts like hell when it hits you directly on top of your head.

Still though, I have been running hard all week. It's thursday, I'm about to suit up and brave the blitzkrieg yet again. a nice 12 miler yesterday. fun ice storm 10 miler on monday. tuesday was 7 miles of checking out tree damage around the area.

I have made drastic, yes DRASTIC, reductions in my alcohol consumption this week and, surprise surprise, my heart rate has come down (moderately). I may avoid a trip the doctor's office yet!


Lucho said...

Going to the bar with a blindfold on... no telling what you'd pick up. Er... wait. After 5 pints to chase 5 shots I guess that is basically a blindfold.

P. said...

ha! for some of us, that much booze is more like a magnifying glass..."leave no stone unturned, no skirt uplifted", said the bar-hopping Sherlock Holmes.

Eric Rivera said...

sorry, who's paying you to talk about bikes?