Monday, February 28, 2011

Sponsors I wish I had...


P. said...

i'm just kidding about the xanax. it's for the birds. the really really anxious birds. it was more just a comment on my serious need to chill the fuck out sometimes.

P. said...

plus, their t-shirts are designed shitty.

Eric Rivera said...

do you like sardines? i just bought a tin of them for the very first time last week, because the cans really are just so appealing, i liked the idea that it was a good traveling food, because it's tiny, easy to open, and packs the protein. but i just didn't like it. not even close. i can eat about anything, so i did eat about half the tin, but it really wasn't very good at all.

now one thing i can't deal with is those really pungent french cheeses. it's like someone boiled my dad's foot down into a peice of wax and now i'm expected to eat it. how is my father supposed to support me now, with one foot?

have you ever see the clint eastwood movie, unforgiven? it was alright, but anytime he directs and stars in something, it's just gonna be that same basic, old man, misogynistic story.

P. said...

i thought unforgiven was excellent, but i really like westerns of all stripes.

sardines are a tough call. i always tend to buy the mustard sauce ones. if you didn't try those, yet, i wouldn't give up on sardines.

beach cliff's is the most "mustardy" and then there's a few other brands whose mustard sauce is pretty watery, but still palatable.

the trick, also, is to quickly mash up the sardines so they look more like dark tuna fish. then i put it on bread or crackers.

i could talk about sardines all day, but alas...time for work.

also try kippered snacks. those are more like the poor man's smoked salmon.