Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweat drips on the bitch?

Kids. All style and no substance!


Ok ok. Enough half-naked girls making out.

Wait. What?

No. Seriously. Last week was a tough week. OK on the running front. Not this guy good, but OK.

Good on the workout front. Good on the love front.

My not-puking-for-8-hours-straight front, however, had some serious lapses in vigilance.

After being stricken with a really brutal bout of food sickness (discount sushi bad idea? who knew!?) on Friday night, I still got up (off the floor) Saturday morning and packed to go snowboarding with Gabbo for the weekend. On literally zero sleep, coming off of three days with about 8 hours of sleep total. I don't know when it was that insomnia became a lifestyle for me, but the brutal reality of this stares at me every morning as I shave. He's a creep.

The weather has broken, though. Which puts my all-time life count at: ME=27, WINTER=0.

Kiss my ass, Winter. You can go fuck yourself.

Not this Winter, though. He's ok.


Eric Rivera said...

richard kern does music videos now? that's a good idea. but the whole thing is kind of stoopid, innit?

P. said...

yeah. he can do better, i'd wager.

...and just implied sex/dry humping? am i 9? c'mon, i've been downloading people drinking jizz out of teapots since i was 12, so let's up the ante here a little bit richard.