Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Feeling a little flat"

Ok, so first the OST for this week-in-running and then:

Homage posts are my new drunken rambling posts.

(Joke that ties in title of post with photo and rough week of running.)

Took sunday, monday and tuesday completely off from running. Yeesh. You'd think with that kind of babying i must of ran harder than i did...BUT NOT SO!

My quads are so sad from last weekend. They are the saddest of sad. They are fully not feeling that shit, as the kids on my lawn might say. Epicly Later'd. Totes. Fuck.

I performed a late night biopsy on one of my quadriceps...with the above result. My god.

It's beautiful.

Yes, so it was not the most pleasant week I've ever had in running, but it was full of lessons, time for reflection and blahblahblah let's just get back to running. You blobby beerful douche bag of goop, you. Fuckin' goop! Go back and fix yr grammaticos!

Man, this song is so good!


JessiePants said...

New to your blog, but LOVE Panda Bear!
Hope that you are back to blissful running soon and not so much of the beer goop pile.

P. said...

Well, it's lovely to have you along for the ride! His new album is released a week from tuesday and is streaming currently! Big smiles all around!