Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Killing Floor" Week Ending 4/17

It can't all be lollipops and cupcakes over hee-yuh. Ain't that way. That said: Please enjoy this week's Running Recap Soundtrack...a fairly brutal, sliced up bit of noise and the word "blood" from perhaps one of the greatest bands in the business, Liars.

Along that theme, this week killed. I mean, heads on stakes killed. Dolphins in nets killed. Bolt-gun to a cow's head killed. Yeesh...sometimes my metaphors get away from me.

In short, it was a good week of running:
MON- 17 miles of wildly mixed paces as I did some of this with trainee Jill. I also felt shitty for part of it. I literally ran straight to the gym to begin a 1:00:00 strength class. I was a wreck afterwards. I hadn't eaten anything since 11am and I put in about a 4 hour workout starting at 2:30pm. Awesome.

TUES- 5 miles rec. although i did a couple laps around the state fair ground with some 1200's at sub-6:00/mile.

WED- 11 miles at Wild Wood park. This was medium/hard effort, again attempting to gauge my trail marathon fitness for the race at the end of this month.

THURS- early morning core/weights. PM- 13 miles at Wild Wood, lots of hill repeats (6 on green loop, 3 on blue). i enjoyed an hour or so of cycling with Gabbo, which aside from working on my tan, I also did a bit of bike tune-up/cleaning. always nice. I rounded out the day with 3 more miles with Dad and the dog.

FRI- masturbated. vigorously.

SAT- 3 sets of (1200 @ 6:20, 2 min rec, then 800 @ 5:50, 3 min rec) about 1 mile w/u and about 1 mile for c/d. i don't do structured interval workouts enough, sadly. this one had me doing the final two sets directly into a strong NE wind, which left me pretty ragged at the end. all in all, i felt really fine though. i need to drop the pace on these sets, this was probably a little too easy...but i'm still figuring this shit out.

SUN- AM - Glass City Half-Marathon with Gabbo. She ran almost the exact time she ran last fall (like 2:02:00 or something?) but it was a nice indicator that even though she spent the majority of the winter nursing her knee back to health, she has managed to rebound well. It was really nice to run for a while with her because A) she lets me make fun of people around us and B) i like her a lot.
PM- I bought a new pair of shoes that I will not reveal until I have the rest of the uniform to go with them (yes, I said that and yes, I'm serious about it). Suffice to say, I had to take them out for a test ride and after 12 miles, I'll simply say "that'll do pig."

82 miles this week.

The biggest news this week is that I have managed to stay completely off of alcohol for the week. I am considering allowing myself one or two beers at Slow's BBQ tonight because it's my favorite restaurant, I was a good boy all week and I ran 25 miles today. It isn't that I ultimately want to quit alcohol, nor am I necessarily trying to prove anything to myself (ok fine a little bit I am) but the biggest thing is: I need to get some kind of consistent handle on my drinking. I don't want to ever quit drinking beer, but I do need to find a balance with it in my life, or two beers at dinner tonight might be a nice segue back into drinking. Then I'll go back to ZERO alcohol again next week and reevaluate from there. Still gotta cut weight, after all.

Or maybe I just talked myself into nose-diving straight off the wagon into skid-row. Who knows? Who cares?

I hope everyone's week was really solid. Good health. Good vibes. Spring treating everyone as well as Spring is able to treat us.


GZ said...

Interval workout on Friday ...

P. said...

yeah, but i had to keep the HR under 200 so...

Dave said...

This is one of my favorite places on the internet. And that is saying a lot, because my Friday workouts must involve at least 3 miniature horses being ridden by corgi puppies to be effective.

P. said...

dave, that is the single finest compliment i have ever received (mostly because of the corgi's) and if someone had told me years ago that this all-time best compliment would arrive regarding a blog i'd made...i'm not sure if i would have been pleased, but now that the day has arrived...well, i emptied my cabinet full of loaded shotguns into the sky this morning to celebrate (i was THAT thrilled). i also picked up a bunch of dead birds.

i hope you don't mind, but i used your "dream crushing" phrase to get my girlfriend to chase down this girl ahead of her at the end of the half. not to stoke the flames of competition unnecessarily, but because this girl had the most gigantic blonde pigtail i have ever seen. it looked like an albino's arm waving at me. really, i just wanted my girlfriend to run closer to that pigtail so i could stare at it and find out if my willpower is strong enough to resist grabbing ahold of that thing (it wasn't, but she didn't press charges...i think she kinda of understood).

anyway, i hope you don't mind i said "crush her dreams" ...i did attribute it, post-race.

i need to slow my roll on coffee. holy shit.

Jennifer said...

yeah blood, yeah O brother, yeah masturbation.