Monday, April 11, 2011

"Back in the Saddle" Week ending 4/10/11

Mon 4/4- 2 miles w/ trainee Jill (who has now tackled both her first 5K and 10K, looking towards half-marathon on May 1st. killin')
4.5 around the park. 1 hour of strength class at gym.

Tues- 6 miles at wild wood park. lil' hills, lil' thrills.

Wed- 6 miles from work to park and back. 4 miles t-mill. 1 hour strength class.

Thurs- 7 miles at lunch. 6.5 around tuna beach.

Fri- 11 miles

Sat- AM 3 miles, core workout after. PM 8 miles at wild wood park (some with Gabbo)

Sun- AM 8 miles in Pinckney with Gabbo. 2 hours of trail maintenance volunteering. Second run was 5 miles on the trail, but I ran it as hard as I could. My climbing fitness is poor, but rather than dial back my expectations for the May 1st trail marathon, I've decided to both A) step up my training and B) quit drinking alcohol until after the marathon.

total: 71 miles

The decision to jump on the wagon was not an easy one. It's not something I do well and after the past year of dealing with various vices and addictions, I sort of felt like dealing with booze was low on my list of priorities, frankly. However, I've thankfully gotten to a point in my health and lifestyle where I can once again take some time away from the bottle. Part of this decision is due to reading Running with Buffaloes, part of it is Lucho and part of it is being tired of feeling like my fitness does not accurately reflect my training. 'Nuff said. High and dry.

I FINALLY got my drop bags back from Virginia, which includes my video camera. So, while this is very very very belated I still want to include a clip of Torrey ridge. Bitch got rocks.


brownie said...

Is this the April or May marathon? Long way to go without a brew, good luck.

P. said...

trail marathon may 1st. so three weeks no booze. it's going to suck shit through a straw. it's the longest i've been on the wagon in over a year.

i'm not looking forward to it, but i am looking forward to looking great in a monokini. my waxer is already seeing dollar signs.

JessiePants said...

Great decision, but a hard one with no drink. Hope that the results are stellar for you.
Where was this video in Virginia? Rocky might be an understatement...

P. said...

the no-booze deal is a metric ton of shittyness, but yes, the end result will be worth it!

the video was shot on torrey ridge trail near lake sherando in lyndhurst, VA. this is more or less a bit of what will be the course for the UROC in september.