Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RW goodness

This may be the best thing I've read on Runner's World...which isn't saying much, but still it's pretty great:

Dr. Daily, what do you think about this new iPhone app, which calculates the calories in food you're about to eat based on a photo you take, then lets you share the info on Twitter and Foursquare and also acts as a visual food diary? – Jessica, Natick, Mass.

Dr. Daily thinks that sometimes he finds technology highly annoying.

So you don't think this app would help me lose weight? – Wes A., Austin, Texas


Well, how can I lose weight, then? – Sharon F., Concord, N.H.

Eat less. Exercise more. And spend less time staring at your iPhone.


brownie said...

Good stuff. Didn't get to read the latest edition, all the pages were stuck together since Kara was on the cover.

JessiePants said...

Ha! Yes, of course it will help you lose weight. All of those poor saps out there doing exercise are not in the know.

P. said...

i don't read actual, paper magazines anymore. in fact, i only just realized they still exist. it's time for me to move to a cabin in the woods.

jessie: yes, i feel like a complete fool. all these years i've been running, eating healthily and loving life when ALL ALONG i just needed to be taking photos of my food to maintain my fitness. kenyans have been taking photos of their food for decades. every time they snap a photo of some asparagus tips roasted over oak chips drizzled with a local wine reduction and crumbles of artisanal cheese, they win another marathon. where is america on this situation?

by the way, photos of food is a favorite topic of ridicule at the bike shop. our feeling is: please post photos of the outdoors, your races, training techniques, gear, beer and even hot boobs (or wieners if that's your deal), etc. BUT YOUR FUCKIN' FOOD? give me a goddamn break. unless it's something super wild like those half-formed chicken fetus things they eat in thailand or your name is listed as "head chef" on the menu at a restaurant whose name i can't pronounce, then STOP TAKING PICTURES OF YOUR GODDAMN FOOD!

sorry for the rant. i have a puking-bad migraine today (but i'm still headed out for a run in a bit).

runs don't kill people...iPhones kill people.

JessiePants said...

No apologies neccessary, I thought I was the only one out there who felt this way. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE food, but don't need to experience it through film. Outdoors, beer, and of course boobs a must.
Hope the migraine subsides and the run is stellar. I've heard taking photos of foie gras not only tones your ass, but helps with cluster headaches and migraines...