Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running With the Something-a-loes.

After last weekend, I now have a trail marathon on the horizon. And i want to "sharpen up."

like a blade? no, more like a Dixon Ticonderoga (think back, now. think hard.)

I want to plan my workouts starting next monday. It should be a welcome change. New temps. New sun. New season. New plans, right? right.

Except I've never planned a workout in my life. If this week doesn't go completely off the tracks, i should be able to post a 4 week training plan that won't make any sense or be at all reasonable.

because what the fuck else am i gonna do?


P. said...

i don't know what's more telling about that beer link: the fact that a michigan citizen misspelled their own state or the fact that I, as a michigan citizen, didn't notice the misspelling until this morning.

go michgian!

Dave said...

In Mussolini's Italy, the trains ran on time. What am I trying to say? I DON'T KNOW. Does this mean plans are for fascists? POSSIBLY.

Seriously though, with how awesome you were at the race, the plan should probably be along the general lines of keeping doing what you're doing. Also, the race report was great, and congrats on everything!