Monday, March 7, 2011

Girl Talk concert and running

Gabbo and I attended a Girl Talk concert in town last Thursday. We polished off a plastic bottle of whiskey like high schoolers before prom and proceeded to "freak" like two people who had just been released for good behavior. I can't say I remember every second of it, suffice to say that Mr. Gillis did play "Juicy" but over the top of Iron Maiden or something like that. Who cares? It was some fine dancing, to be sure.

60 miles on the week in 6 runs, with 2.5 hours of strength training. Another long lap around the hilly rich people neighborhood in toledo. More weird, quasi-shit talking from the old people who walk around there.

As I check my watch for HR after a climb:

Old Guy: "Whoa whoa there! You're in no hurry! You got all day! What's the rush?"

Me: (Laughs, slightly out of breath) "oh ya know, things to see, people to do"

OG: (in a serious tone) "It's not all about time, remember" (NOTE: fair enough, dude)

Me: "I was just checking my heart rate. No big deal."

I sped away. Old people are weird. About 10 minutes later, a lady goes "isn't it a little cold for shorts?" (it was in the 40F's) and i said "well not when you've been running outside everyday all winter long!" and under her old ass breath she goes "well if it's cold it's cold." or something like that.

Why do people try to have a conversation with me while I run? Isn't it cool enough to just go "Hey." or "G'morning" or "Lovely weather" or something like that. I'm all for acknowledging my fellow human being, but I don't really feel like playing 20 questions while bombing down a hill covered in ice. LET'S KEEP IT SHORT AND SWEET, OLD PEOPLE!

In an unrelated note:

Additional inspiration for being awesome:


Lucho said...

High school... because it was out of a plastic bottle?
Awesome video. Some of the jumps ramp to ramp look pretty sick and I love the urban theme. There's one point where he drops off a ledge on to a ramp. Love it.

P. said...

it had more to do with guzzling cheap booze in the car beforehand. or maybe that was just my prom?

i like the sets of stairs immediately after threading through that tiny gap in the handrail. you can see him building speed until he's just clearing each set, landing each time on a three-foot wide section of potholed sidewalk, fenced in on one side and a wall and gutter on the other side.

so stupid it must be right.

Jesse said...

Keepin' it classy with Black Velvet I see! I did that before an exam last semester...poor decision making is my forte.

Lovin the music vid.

old people are strange. what better way to not be concerned with time than to focus on your own beating heart? Will Smith was right, parents just don't understand.

P. said...

oh damn! and a will smith reference! best morning ever.