Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corktown 5k

Well, i ran a nice 5k up in the d today to cap off a nice week of running. Nice adjectives, yesh?

74 miles on the week. mostly 12-14 mile runs.

of note: two of those runs i pulled out a 5:50ish mile after running about 10 miles at 7:15/mile. which felt shitty but fun. i also ran with a dude who i met through the bike shop. he's in the midst of a marathon peak and it was the first time that i have ever done a training run with someone who runs at about my pace (he was a little slower, but i was really hungover, so it worked out beautifully). hopefully we'll run again next weekend.

active people in this part of the country are like members of some secret cult. once you recognize each other, it's best to stay in touch lest the smokey fatties suddenly try an Egypt style uprising. fucking fatties. ain't my job.

i'm durnk.

i ran 18:13 for the 5K which lowers my PR by a little less than a minute.


I ran in a green dress shirt with a green polka-dot tie and a green, straight-from-ireland cap with a little dark blue ball on top. i also had on periwinkle gloves. for shoes, i opted to wear my nike lunar racer 2's that have a bit over 1,000 miles on them. i love those shoes. while i was waiting to piss, i got into a conversation with a dude sporting a fresh-from-the-box pair of NB road minimus. they look nice. but they aren't green (as in the color, not the respect for mama nature) and i'm positive that they don't fit my foot like a 1,000 mile pair of shoes do. so...

race report!

i ran and ran. for 3.1 miles. i liked that story about matt carpenter breathing all ninja-like behind that dude who was fronting on his race. so that's what i did. i mean, i say this like i was in this race to win it...which is fucking ridiculous. but still. i never once was passed and i mostly just ran up to people, let out a few super chilled out darth vader breaths and then passed them. i don't think i got chicked. i shucked and jived around 2nd and 3rd place ladies at the turn-around and then i passed something blonde with about 0.75 to i think i'm safe there.

if you are young and you want to do something cool with your youth, there is no greater city in the USA to live than detroit. it's a fact. just decide that you, yourself want to do something and not just that you want to pose for photographs somewhere other than Iowa (does this make sense to anyone that didn't grow up in the midwest?) ...the point is: Detroit is the new L.E.S. in the 1960's-1970's. So c'mon all you faggy dancers and splattery painters! the rent is cheap and the bars don't care if you do drugs in the booths!

race report attempt: failed.


GZ said...

A PR is a PR - well done.

P. said...

thanks george! i have to admit, it does feel good to PR at that distance. something unique about the 5K that i guess you've understood for a bit longer than i.

brownie said...

A PR and a PBR, not a bad day!

GZ said...

I don't know much about the 5k other than it seems like an eternal distance for that last mile.

Eric Rivera said...

"passed something blonde!" ha!

Dave said...

Awesome race! PR + LR2's + Costume = WIN.