Saturday, January 26, 2008

Times New Viking

I'm not from Ohio, i just go to school there. still, for whatever reason, i find myself pleased to hear that any ohio band is doing well. Here's Times New Viking, from Columbus. Pitchfork said their new album is an 8 with a high tenth decimal degree. honestly, that rating system is so fucking clunky and vague!! it's 2008 guys!

I, Mountain Maid, give Times New Viking's album "Rip It Off" a 7.643535353535. yep, that's a repeating "35," i just couldn't figure out how to put the little line on top. and NO, this does not mean that you can just round my rating off to a dinky 7.6...or even a 7.644! P.S. i'll lay out my schema for evaluating music on a later blog, but let me just won't be able to replicate the results with an old box of transistor tubes and a hand-cranked radiometer, you by-the-seat-of-your-leather-pants technologista! the only sufficient serial reconvalescent pathway is made-to-order in Russia!! HA!

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