Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cover Project Tres!!!

i'm really way too into these half-assed, nonsense covers of my friends' songs. This is a cover of Magic Tricks' "DNA in Me" ...however, i can remember waaaaay back when it was an eric rivera solo joint, then briefly part of a band-whose-name-i-can't-remember that he co-fronted in college. anyway, the point is that the song now resides comfortably in the nimble hands of Magic Tricks, whose music you can find via the link at the bottom of this page. this is a special (uh, useless) gift to them!


Sean said...

this song keeps being reincarnated and circulated back into my system. I feel like the movie is going to be me moving through my life from stage to stage and the version of the song being played will be specifically representative of that period. this is my second favorite version so far.

Eric Rivera said...

oh man, i love it! you've given a grown man glee. it's funny that you made this at a time when i've had the conversation twice, that went, "hey let's make several versions of dna in me and give them away on a cd at the next show, what a neat present. and now here's another one! mind if i add it to the mix? o

Eric Rivera said...

i would say my favorite versions of the song come from the least favorite periods of my life, sean. i would also say, dear me, i don't remember the name of that college band either, i should have written it down or something.