Thursday, January 31, 2008

new song "Allison" is not a cover! wow!

here's a song i wrote tonight for my friend allison. when i first met her i said "hey! elvis costello wrote a song about you!" ...and i said this as though no one had ever thought of it before...and she said "but that songs about a pregnant girl!" which i guess it is. so anyway, here's my new allison song. not about pregnancy at all. just about having fun. ...which according to me, apparently, automatically excludes being pregnant? thank you to eric for reminding me about the pixies song of the same name, as well. muchas gracias, mi amigo de puerto rico.

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Eric Rivera said...

you're forgetting about the pixies dude! that's the one i use when i make lame jokes to girls named allsion, like where you sing the song to them. "allison-ah ah ah lisuh uh! ..git it, right? like the pixies song? oh. i am so high right now. can i have a cigarette?"