Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Speaker Bite Me and domination in the bedroom.

Here's a track from Denmark's Speaker Bite Me. Several blogs keep referencing the Knife in their descriptions of this band...which is fine. It wouldn't be out of place to throw the YYY's in there either, especially when Karen O is really belting it out (in lieu of going "rar" or yelling "hey"). "Teach Me Tiger" is a little more...well band-y than the Knife? There's definitely some synth here, and even the multi-octave vocals (hence the Knife comparisons), but the music comes off as played rather than made. It's also sexy. If Karen O is sexy like getting your hair pulled in the midst of love-making, this song is sexy like getting your hair pulled in the midst of love-making and getting a ball-gag stuffed in your mouth. Me entiendes? Which if i keep this weird simile going would mean that the Knife is full-on boot-licking...or even that crazy shit where guys pay thousands of dollars to vacuum a mistress's apartment while she walks around in fishnets eating oatmeal cookies and dropping crumbs everywhere. check some more of Speaker Bite Me at their Myspace page. check out some more of the simile here.

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