Thursday, January 31, 2008

DNA in Me cover project takes on new twist!

Here's another cover of Magic Tricks' "DNA in Me"...this time by Sean Whittaker. while i went for a stripped down approach (by choice, i swear), sean did what he does best: he made a full-on, very professional arrangement which somehow captures and preserves the wackiness of the original in ways more subtle and more accurate than my ham-fisted, gorilla-dick version. i would strongly suggest you compare the original (via the link at the bottom of this page) with my version (Cover Project Tres, see below) and now you can listen to Sean's version right down there! or (if you have a life) don't. hurray!

1 comment:

Blue Collar Music said...

I absolutely cannot believe you said "ham-fisted gorilla dick." I almost threw up when I saw that. My cover is almost done. Let's see if we can run this one into the ground, shall we?