Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taken By Trees: Tell Me (live)

Victoria Bergsman, the singer/songwriter behind Taken By Trees bashfully whispers her way through "Tell Me" from her summer 07 release "Open Field." With over a decade of performing under her belt with her one-time band, The Concretes, we all know the nervous fidgeting is a put-on, but she still looks and sounds great.

Catty celebrity blogger Leningrad Redroof says: "What is that on her head? A bowl cut? The stylist must of used the same bowl I leave by the door for my kitty, Sparklzz, after I've served her a plate of poached eggs with a little TOO much Hollandaise SAUCE...because her hair looks like PUKE! Also, honey, maybe its the swedish meatballs or too many of those red gooey fish, but you aren't going to make it on Grey's unless you drop like...a fucking million pounds."

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