Sunday, January 29, 2012

"More Numbers! Fewer Bummers!" Weekender 1/29/12

Mon- lo normal, 9 miles, 1:30:00, 1500 ft.

Tues- AM: 1:00:00 bike + core
PM: virgen, 8 miles, 1:00:00, 500 ft.

Wed - AM: 1:00:00 bike + weights
PM: torres, 7 miles, 1:00:00, 1,000ft.

Thurs- lo normal, 10 miles, 2:00:00, 2,000 ft.
Fri- Same.
Sat- Same.
Sun - 12 miles, over virgen and back. 1:45:00, 1500 ft.

66 miles
13:15:00 (including bike, but not weights)
10,500 ft.

The big thing with this week was "recovery" without, uh, actually taking time off to recover. As I sit here on Sunday, I feel really very good, just some lingering tightness in my glutes from the Descabezado run last Saturday. Without a question, I feel the best I've ever felt after a 50 mile outing. Part of this (I hope) is due to improved fitness. Another part (I'm sure) is that the Descabezado run, while long in terms of both time and miles, was not an especially intense effort. I hope that I don't end up feeling like I should have taken it a little easier this week and rested a bit more, but I started summer vacation from work already and I have the time and the drive to keep at it. Next week, I will do my best to listen to my body with the goal being a bit more volume. That's the only goal right now: Volume.

In drinking related news: I posted my weekend hydration over on this other inspiring and beautiful blog. Unfortunately, this week's update cost me a good deal of the skin on my big toe... I would call this a very aggressive "stubbing," but honestly it was more like I straight-up kicked the metal leg of a garbage can on the sidewalk. My toe sort of popped like a little cherry tomato. I told the garbage can: "You toe-MAY-go-fuck-yourself."

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