Monday, January 30, 2012

A different sort of running podcast

I dunno if this already made the rounds, but I just came across it today and thought it was pretty good.

notable quotes:

"I'm for Foolish Pleasure because I'm a male chauvinist pig."

Kenyan marathoner Salina Kosgel is asked "When you're running, is it painful?" and she laughs, while running and says "Of course." Later, she's talking about running and inspiration: "You don't run to win because it's run...for money."

Plus, there's some cool editing during the part about the sprinters. A nice change in my podcast listening, even if it is still, ostensibly, about running. Fuck it.

It'd be cool if some guys started an ultrarunning podcast that was recorded during a training run. I just think of all the unbelievable conversations I've had while running and I'm sure it's the same for all the other runners in the world...I have a feeling it would make for good listenin'.

Just in it for the money,
Male Chauvinist Pig

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JB said...

Jennifer Brubaker likes this.

(My word verification is "comer." [They] totally got the verb wrong)