Thursday, January 5, 2012

"La Araña Peluda" week ending 1/1/12

The closest thing I have to a phobia is my fear of spiders. In the mountains of chile, there are tons of tarantulas, ranging in size from an oreo cookie to a small dinner plate. Of note, I briefly pushed my horrible repulsion towards spiders deep, deep into the recesses of my pickled brain and actually picked one up and let it crawl around my hands. Literally, i was shaking slightly afterwards. I don't know what to say: I'm a humongous pussy.

Monday 12/26/11- 9 miles. ran the "red" route in tricahue, counterclockwise. 2:07:00, 2,400ft.

Tues- 1:00:00 bike. 8 x 2 min hard/3 min soft (yes, i'm smiling to myself after typing that.)

Wed- 7 miles, torres. 1:00:00. 1,000ft.

Thurs- 9 miles, lo normal. 1:30:00 1500ft.

Friday - nothing. i had to go to santiago for more bullshit paperwork. on the bus ride home, i mixed 1/3 of a bottle of rum into half a liter of peach juice and drank that while watching "Cowboys vs. Aliens" in spanish on the bus's tv. "alguacil" is "sheriff" in spanish, FYI buckaroos.

Saturday - lo normal again. 1:30:00, 1500ft.

Sunday - with no plans for New Year's Eve, steph, chelsea and I opted to go BACK to Refugio del Tricahue for two days. ---- 14 miles up the Río Tricahue looking for some shack or something. the whole ordeal took 3:30:00, which is sort of insane, but was a very difficult route to find/follow. 2200ft. afterwards, i hike the blue route to the waterfall with steph, but i'm not counting that as it was all part of my scheme to score a good photo op with a can of Cristal for THIS OTHER AMAZING BLOG>

total: 48 miles ran. 10.5 hours of foolin' around. 8,200 ft of going up.

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