Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Proposed Trans-Michigan Trail is Gigantic!

Being a Michigander (by choice and pedigree, if not by birthplace)...I was thrilled to my gills and I shrieked to my teats when I saw that the governing peoples of Michigan have proposed the linkage of many existing trail systems into one big beast of a trail that very pleasingly arcs across the full fair face of our graceful place's space!

Perhaps more exciting is that there's already a stalwart, steady-eyed Michigander who's announced his intention to hike the length of this new trail, BEFORE it's even been officially marked. Many miles of it will entail oodles of bushwackery (and likely tomfoolery). Best of luck to you, my lad!



J. said...

Come home and hike it. I'll drive all night to get to you.

P. said...

only if you promise to be help out with all the bushwacking.

do you have any interest in going to the pitchfork festival this year? my vacation juuuust about coincides.

GZ said...

Cool idea but it looks like 100 of those 600 miles need to be finished? But yeah, that would be cool.

P. said...

I almost like the idea of doing this MORE, given that sections of it don't really exist yet.

J. said...

Yes!!! Oh my god yes, come to Chi for Pitchfork!