Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Atacama Crossing heats up!

My buddy Daniel Rowland  is currently leading the Atacama Crossing race after 3 days in the bag and 4 more to go!!! FUCK YEAH D-ROWDY!!! Course record for the 1st stage, but I'm not sure if he's still under the overall course record.

The race is really getting intense! The 2nd place guy finished less than a minute behind D on the 1st day. They sprinted in together to finish at the same time (basically) on day 2 and today, Daniel finished just one second ahead of this other dude. Good stuff to follow!!!


I myself am just getting back into the old swing of serious jogging after my family came to visit me in Chile for the first time. It was the best vacation ever. You can see my brother below in the picture below, clearly excited about the insanely expensive booze made by this winery. 

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