Monday, April 1, 2013

New Chilean trail running madness!

A couple friends and I have started a tumblr account chocked-full of delicious Chilean trailing running goodies: Pics, videos and twittery shit (in Spanish, I think). The guilty parties are as follows:

Daniel Rowland(2nd from left in the pic): Winner Atacama Crossing 2013

Max Keith (shirtless): the chilean anton krupicka. 2nd place Vertical K, chile. Has a great training blog (in Spanish, but the pics are always priceless.)

Matias Bull(far right): the chilean Bryon Powell AND Ian Corliss...the brains behind TrailChile and a great runner in his own right. He's headed to the Patagonia Run 100K in two weeks.

Me(far left): Sack of baby poop. I occasionally get my heart-rate up while I'm flagging down a taxi cab to the grocery store, smoking cigarettes and scraping dried sweat from underneath my man-tits.

Anyway, check it out all the goodtimes at:

Daniel and I shot a short video last weekend. No no. It's all running.


J. said...

we were all hoping

Max Keith said...

woooh feeling very honrado de estar mencionado acá ! ahahaha
see you in may?

P. said...

max: es cierto. se titulará el video "Animo y ebrio: La historia de 4 bossjoggers en la cordillera chilena"