Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TNF Chile Endurance Challenge 80K

It seems like race names are getting longer and longer. Surely, the title of "The North Face Chile Endurance Challenge" isn't helped by the company's ridiculous three-word name, but I can't help but feel that the "endurance challenge" part is just totally redundant and dumb. You could just say "The North Face 80K Run" and make the whole thing more concise and more informative.

What the fuck is an "endurance challenge" anyway?

 ...reading my stupidly long blog posts!! HA!!

Let's keep it short.

Finished 9th/93, a bit over 10 hours of motion and 13,000ft. of gain.

Ended the race feeling really very good. I said hello to Mike Foote who won in 8:23ish and Ashley Arnold who won in 9:25ish. She complimented my pink/yellow/blue trucker hat and so I gave it to her as a sweat-encrusted memento from her Chile trip. Every time she wears it, she'll longingly think of the beer-bloated creep she met in South America.

I feel fine legs-wise, but I'm still going to stick to the gym for a few days. The week before the race, I felt a marked decline in my running stoke. A few days of pouring sweat onto the stationary bike should get me hungry for the mountains again by Friday.

Daniel had a much better run, placing 5th in the 50k about 10 minutes behind the winner. Cold crushin'.

Ruta del Condor 50K in November.
La Misión 100 in December.


Daniel said...

Hi Patrick, thanks for the mention!! Great race against some tough competition, especially at the top end of the field.

The Ruta del Condor (better name for a race...) is actually only 53km so it should be a little easier than that beast you did on the weekend. I've also heard that it's not too technical as people mountain bike ride it.

See you soon.

P. said...

Ah, thanks for the clarification! 53k sounds just about right leading up to the 100 miler. Much more appealing than another mountain beating of last weekend's caliber.

Max Keith said...

Wena Patrick ! hiciste tremenda carrera igual. A mi también no me gusto el nombre. We are in Chile it should be a SPANISH name ahaha
Vay a volar en la ruta del cóndor !

P. said...

max, tienes toda la razón: el nombre debería ser en español. ¡a la chucha con los invasores! ctm!